Watch Kim Kardashian Get Covered In The Most Boring White Powder Ever

Kim Kardashian‘s life gets more mundane and boring by the day. With the exception of her scandalous divorce to Kris Humphries which she refuses to discuss, she has nothing exciting going for her anymore. She had to stoop to tweeting out a topless photo last week just to garner some some positive attention.

Last night her train ride to Snoozeville continued when she got flour bombed at a charity event by someone who apparently screamed, “lousy fur hag” at her before running away. She brushed it off and joked to E!, “Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that’s a whole lot of translucent powder right there.”

But her sense of humor about being covered in flour on the red carpet still doesn’t change the fact she got flour bombed.

Yes, flour bombed. Out of all the white powders that Kim Kardashian could be covered in, she got covered in flour. So she’s basically me last week in my kitchen trying to make cookies with the mixer on too high.

What happened to Kim living the high life. Aren’t real celebrities supposed to be covered in exciting and dangerous white powders like cocaine and anthrax? Or is that too A-list for her now?

This entire flour bombing incident confirms my theory that 2012 is the last year we’ll have to hear about Kim Kardashian. There’s nothing at all exciting about her anymore and this flour bombing just proves it.

Of all the white powders available in Hollywood…flour…I just can’t get over it.

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    • Ali

      I wouldn’t be surprised if she organized this herself for publicity. Her reaction totally makes me think that, she flips out over anyone who calls her stupid and threatens to sue but when someone throws flour at her she makes a joke and doesn’t press charges? Kim you pulled one over on us again!

      • Jenni Maier

        I did think she handled it surprisingly well and she seemed to clean up pretty fast…

    • Alexa

      She’s really pushing her 15 minutes to the last possible second. Hopefully times almost up.

    • DemiGirl

      Total Kardashian setup! Copying what happened to Seacrest for attention. Caught the person and let her go…maybe because you set it up?? Kris is right, this girl is just a scam.

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