Meme Alert: Introducing Celebrities With Tiny Hands And Browstaches

Congratulations humanity! We got not one, not three, but TWO awesome new celebrity memes today that are so stupid and so simple that you won’t be able to stop clicking.

Both One Tiny Hand and Celebrities with Browstaches are so awesome that I couldn’t decide which one to share with you.  So I painted with all the colors of the wind and just decided to show you both, in one gallery. One tiny hand is exactly what it sounds like, your favorite famous celebrities with one tiny hand. And browstaches? Well they’re your new mustache, if your mustache was an eyebrow.

Did that just blow your mind? Well, put it back together because you have a lot of awesome tiny hands and browstaches to look through right now.

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    • Jayne

      For some reason, I LOVE the tiny hand one for Tina Fey. It’s just so funny.