Nicki Minaj Will Regret Teaming Up With The ‘Controversial’ Chris Brown

Despite the fact the Internet expressed disgust over Chris Brown‘s Grammy comeback and subsequent music collaborations with Rihanna, his career appears unharmed by all the criticism. His career, the one that should have crashed and burned after he beat up Rihanna, seems to be blossoming and his latest collaboration with Nicki Minaj only goes to show that he will likely continue to be successful.

While teaming up with Nicki Minaj for her song, “Right By My Side” will likely bode well for him, it will not bode well for Nicki Minaj. The talented performer just crossed some serious lines by inviting him to work with her on this and she’ll likely lose fan support for her decision.

She’ll definitely lose my support, which is a shame because I really like her music as well as her outrageous outfits. I just don’t understand as a female performer, how she can condone his behavior (and yes, working with him condones his behavior).  There are so many talented male rappers to work with and it just doesn’t make sense why she would choose him at all. Especially since she’s already collaborating with so many other great names like Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross, on the same album.

Wouldn’t those headlines be enough for her? “Nicki Minaj teams up with Drake” might not garner the same attention, but I bet it wouldn’t be nearly as negative as the headlines she’ll get for this choice. Sure she’ll gain the support of the semi-literate #TeamBreezy, but she’ll lose the respect of women everywhere.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe everyone really is over that time Chris Brown savagely beat up Rihanna, refused to accept responsibility and threw a chair through a window. Maybe the world’s ready to forget that happened and simply remember Chris Brown as a talented performer with a “controversial” past. He can go on and collaborate with all of our favorite pop stars until no one can recall why exactly we were so mad at him.

But tell you what, his past isn’t controversial. It’s actually pretty black and white, thanks to photos and police reports. We shouldn’t forget what happened. Not because we’re clinging to his past and refusing to let him move on, but because we owe it to all the abused women and girls out there. We owe it to them to let them know that hitting someone one time is one time too many.

That goes for Nicki Minaj too. It may only be one collaboration, but in my mind, that’s still one too many.

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    • Tori

      Hey, I’m not going to make death threats or comment with lurid vlugarities. i just want to point out that Chris did not rap on the song, he showed off his vocals, 2 that God forgives everybody and it’s in our nature to do the same, but only God can judge. That is not our place and it is not our right. If you don’t like the collab then you should just move on. I am TEAM BREEZY all the way and I will implore my fellow Breezy lovers to stop with the nasty little comments and form real and defined arguments. It makes the rest of us look dumb as fuck.

      • AlwaysRose

        ITA with this post — it doesn’t prove anything if you just call people names and use vulgar language. TEAMBREEZY fans often come off as thugs or desperate women by the way they write in their posts, and although I’m sure that’s nowhere near reality, people need to edit themselves a little better. We don’t know you, we don’t know you don’t really mean it (or maybe you do O.o) and we don’t know you’re probably a nice, sensible person in rl (or at least around your mom — which is really all that matters).

      • AlwaysRose

        oops — my previous post should have read “ITA with Tori’s post”

        and here are my thoughts on the article. While I do agree that women should stick together in combating domestic violence, I don’t think the Chris Brown issue is all that clear cut. We only know what we’ve been told in the press, and that is not the whole story — there are apparently some minor details which would make him look better, and he probably has far more spoiled brat temper tantrums than we hear about. I for one would rather know little to nothing about the musicians I listen to (what we know is both too much to decide how we feel about their music and too little to form a good opinion about them as a person). I seriously have more of an issue with him using the n-word, which is never acceptable to use where I live, by anybody for any reason.

        I won’t excuse what he did to Rhianna. When he writes music that makes it sound like it’s ok to beat up women, then I’ll turn him off. I’d really like to get back to evaluating music for music’s sake because there is a lot of crap being released these days, and serious criticism is getting lost in the unnecessary chat and babble about celebrities.

    • Jason

      Whoever wrote this article is so biased. You can’t speak for every female on the planet and say that they’ll lose respect for her doing a song with Chris Brown. And, collabing with Chris doesn’t mean she condones domestic violence. Nobody got mad and said his career is over when Justin and Chris did THREE songs together….I guess some people are just very ignorant. Oh, and by the way I’m Team Breezy and I’m very literate. Thanks.

    • cnashford2

      Working with someone does not mean that you condone his/her behavior. Have all the millions that loved Michael Jackson’s or Elvis Pressley’s music condone their behavior (sleeping with little boys, marrying a young girl, respectively)? No. It means that people love(d) their music. The same applies to Chris Brown.

    • Dina

      I agree with whoever wrote this article. Chris Brown’s carreer should be over once he put hands on a woman. What kind of message do you think he puts out to ppl. As far as Drake i am no longer a fan of his. I’m so dissapointed in him. Hes dead to me as well. As far as domestic violence, Rihanna most likely continued contact with Chris Brown and other woman haters because thats what happens when you are a victum of domestic violence. I do beleive since shes in the spot light she should have not had contact with Chris Brown. But Nobodys perfect.


      Dear write of this shitty article, God will sure burn you in the hottest hell.
      Won’t you, bitchy media, ever stop making Chris Brown look bad, you sons of bitches? Yes I call your moms bitches ‘coz they didn’t raise you right, they raised you on keeping on hating someone who did a mistake years ago (hitting rihanna). Chris might have psychological issues like anger problem, but he’s the most respectful person on earth, unlike you who are healthy but having complete DEVILS inside them. Drake -the insect- is the only one to blame and he must be sued and must be exposed in media to show his real awkward personality to the world, but no.. yall cunts are STILL leaving what he did and only sticking in Chris’s part and screwing facts.
      What a pig you are. You are the one who deserves to be burnt and punched to death, you son of slut.
      You’re a slut that’s why u grew up on loving sluts like Rihanna.
      But guess what, insect? God is there, and what goes around comes back around.
      I will pray God everyday to give u the worst cancer ever. amen