The Season Finale of Pretty Little Liars Finally Reveals The Identity of ‘A’

Spencer flips out, and things get crazy. Mona attacks Spencer and puts her in the car. As Mona is driving like a bat out of hell, Spencer comes to and realizes what’s going on. She’s begs Mona to slow down, and Mona says, “You can join the A-Team or you can disappear.” Hanna calls Spencer because Hanna’s phone (given to her by Mona) has been set to record everything whenever she turns her phone on. Spencer’s phone is thankfully on silent so she is able to answer and video-chat with Hanna. The girls see that Spencer is in danger, and that Mona is A! They witness Mona saying “It’s about revenge. You stole my only friend.” They figure out where Mona is driving and race to the car to rescue Spencer.

Spencer, the smartypants, see them coming and pulls the emergency brake, halting Mona’s NASCAR skills. Hanna is driving and almost hits Mona because she’s so betrayed. But she’s doesn’t because she’s a good friend. Mona tackles Spencer and tries to throw her off the cliff, but Mona falls and plummets to her doom. Or does she?

The police and ambulances arrive to assist, and all of a sudden Dr. Sullivan comes back! We learn that Mona is still alive. Transition to the insane asylum: Dr. Sullivan tells the girls that Mona has some kind of personality disorder that allows her to feel as though she’s omnipresent and super powerful. Mona had threatened Dr. Sullivan’s son, which is why she left. Mona has an internal dialogue about how it’s not over and she’s wearing toffee colored lipstick (remember that Melissa ate the toffee fro-yo).

Dr. Sullivan tells Spencer that Toby called her, and Toby and Spencer have a lovely reunion.  The girls decide to go to Emily’s house together and see sirens. They run toward the house to find Emily’s mom. She says that they found a body and they think it’s Maya. Waterworks ensue. We see Melissa give a strange look as they take the body bag away.

We then see Mona in the insane asylum and she has a visitor in a red jacket, but we don’t know who it is. Mona says, “I did everything you asked me to.” Who was this person? We’re not sure. Possibly another member of the A-Team, possibly Ali’s real crazy twin. There are so many questions to be answered, and we have to wait until the summer! Will Aria and Ezra be able to stay together? Who was the black swan? Is Lucas part of the A-Team? Where did Jason go? Who killed Maya? We just don’t know!!

What did you think of the finale? Did you think A was Mona? Who else could be part of the A-Team?

This recap was written by Caitlin Corsetti. You can follow her on Twitter @CaitlinCorsetti.

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