The Season Finale of Pretty Little Liars Finally Reveals The Identity of ‘A’

OMFG. If the anticipation for Pretty Little Liars’ A-Day wasn’t enough, the episode’s adrenaline rush sure was! This season has been filled with crazy twists and turns, but seriously, the finale almost made me pee my pants. I almost couldn’t handle it. Here’s what happened:

Our girls Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer are discussing Garrett’s recent arrest when psycho-preggo Melissa comes in and steals Aria’s toffee fro-yo. They she says something like how they don’t hold the constitution on murder, implying that she did. Scandal! So that was creepy. The doorbell rings and they get invitations to the masquerade ball with a message from A saying “Be there when the clock strikes midnight.”

The girls go to the Lost Woods Resort off of the air strip where Ali was dropped off the morning she went missing. They found out that she stayed in Room 1, minus no help from the super sketchy innkeeper. Of course the girls show up to this roach motel in a thunderstorm in the middle of the night, and Hanna falls in the mud. God Hanna!

So Spencer and Aria (Sparia) decide to get the log book for the inn to find out exactly when Ali was there. MEANWHILE Emily gets a buttdial from Maya (OR WAS IT?!) and Hanna is in the shower. Stupid Emily goes outside to call Maya back, leaving Hanna alone. Well, we see a shadowy A run across the premises and go into Room 1! There’s a shadow all Psycho-style while Hanna’s in the shower, but then the phone rings and the figure quickly runs away. Hanna walks out calling for Emily to find the door wide open.

Jenna, in the meantime, met with an unknown person (probably A) and gave them a knapsack. She told this person “They’re all going to be there,” assuming she was talking about the liars.

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