Well, This Photo Officially Ended My Childhood Crush On Leonardo DiCaprio

Unlucky for all my friends, these weren’t exactly slumber party movies. Or feel-good movies. Or movies anywhere near appropriate for fifth graders.

We got halfway through the second film and decided to just talk about Leo instead. Talking turned into truth and dare and that turned into me making out with a poster of Leo. When I attempted to french him my friends asked me to stop.  I thought after watching the mother die in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, that would be light entertainment. They disagreed. Someone said it made them feel “uncomfortable” inside.

By the time my 12th birthday rolled around, my Leo wall was coming down and being replaced by something more mature. Probably a photo of me the first time I was allowed to go to the mall alone with my friends ($20 bill and freedom, say what!). But I always fostered a small crush on Leo in my heart. After all he was my first big one.

Until today. When I saw these photos of him having lunch with his mother in Miami. What happened to my debonair crush? My leading man? The guy I french kissed on a dare! Somewhere between my 11th birthday and now he turned into a middle-aged man with awkward facial hair and a bucket hat. Needless to say the part of my heart where I’ve kept him all this time turned black and crumbled.

It’s over. Leo and I are over. It had to happen at some point, I just didn’t think it would be today.

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    • Crazy lady

      Well I think you are still very childish,Leonardo is a brilliant actor,father time beats on us all,and if thats all you care about is the superficial then guess you need to move on to Beiber.

      • Jenni Maier

        Well a crush that started in the 5th grade is usually pretty superficial.

    • Katie Garrity

      RIP sexual attraction to Leo. I will miss you.

    • Todd Mathey

      Is it just me, or does Leo’s friend at the lunch look like Pauly D mixed with Tom Haverford?

    • Reality

      I will bet you would let him explore any part of you in a heart beat.

    • Faith

      ….i feel like the only one who would still happily have this man between my thighs.

      • Shannon

        I agree with Faith, MJ and Lisa.
        I’ve had a crush/love for Leo since I saw him for the first time on the movie screen in Titanic when I was 7 years old. It’s almost been 15 years since the movie came out, and I still love him. I even still have pictures of him on my bedroom walls. But I will admit, there are times when I complain about how he looks, but then I forget that he’s 2 years away from turning 40, and he’ll never look like how he did in Titanic ever again. His features has matured so much and he has aged well.

    • MJ

      Everyone gets older, so what? I think he just gets better personally, middle aged or not. I also would not expect someone on vacation to be dressed in a “debonair” fashion. He looks good to me no matter what.

    • Lisa

      Um…I agree with Faith.
      The man has aged…of course he has but he has aged well! I’d have him in nothing BUT the bucket hat.