I Just Blue Myself After Seeing This Mitt Romney And Arrested Development Meme

I’m praying that when I die, I get reincarnated as a meme creator. These people are absolute geniuses when it comes to combining ideas that no rational person would ever think of combining. I think I’m being creative when I put avocado on my turkey sandwich, they think they’re being creative when they realize how much Lucille Bluth has in common with Mitt Romney.

Guess who wins? Not the girl with the avocado in her teeth, I’ll tell you that.

So yes, non-subtle transitions aside, the Lucille and Mitt tumblr combines photos of Arrested Development’s Lucille Bluth, the woman who epitomized the 1% before there was a 1%, with quotes from Mitt Romney. It’s a perfection in a meme.

Check out my favorites, then click here to see the rest.

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