What Disney Characters Would Look Like In Real Life

I bet 4 out of every 5 children could name all the Disney Princesses in alphabetical order. However, I bet only 1 of those same 5 children could name all of Mitt Romney‘s sons in alphabetical order. America! Land of children who spend their childhood watching Disney and their adulthood writing personal blogs about the harmful effects of Disney on young girls.

Because we’re a country obsessed with Disney, we go gaga over anything related to the princesses, positive or negative. And today I would like to present you with something positive – the impressive work of the Finnish designer Jirka Väätäinen. In his project  Envisioning Disney Characters in “Real Life,”, he created 15 real life version of our favorite princesses.

Now you can not only live vicariously through these charmed women (I want a talking tiger!), but you can also imagine what their Facebook profile photos would look like.

Check out more at Jirka’s blog right here.



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    • Kaite

      Hurrah! Ursula finally gets some love in this meme. Honestly, all the flailing that goes on around the hipster incarnations of the princesses just makes me want to write a story where she gets her Beth Ditto on as a fat activist who doesn’t get why all the girls want to give up their lives/voices/legs for some dude.

    • Juliet

      whu…what! No Ariel! How can we Ursula without Ariel?1

    • Reality

      Looks like the lady on the Towing/Repo reality show.