Lindsay Lohan Shows Some Responsibility And Decides To Lay Low During Her Probation

After someone accused Lindsay Lohan of hitting them with her car this week, Lindsay has decided not to take any chances with the rest of her probation, and has vowed to stay in at night until her probation is up on March 29th. It’s kind of like when you throw out all your junk food before you start a diet, then have a friend lock you in your apartment so you can’t go out to get more.

This decision, more than her appearance on SNL this month, shows that she’s serious about getting back to a career that’s dominated with projects instead of probation. It’s not uncommon for people outside of Hollywood to have some major missteps in their early twenties and go on to successful careers and personal lives. Lindsay can still work towards a time when her brushes with the law are an embarrassing ten minute segment of her E! True Hollywood Story instead of the whole episode.

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