Girls Everywhere Glare As Rihanna Talks About Her Annoying Weight Loss

You know when you get so busy you just have to chuck any diet and exercise program out the window, yet you keep dropping weight like crazy? No? Just chalk it up to another difference between you and Rihanna.

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to be jealous of the beautiful, talented pop star, it seems her slim figure isn’t the result of long hours in the gym or rigorous low-fat diets. In fact she explained to Ryan Seacrest she has, “no idea how I’m continuously losing weight.”

There’s nothing wrong with being blessed with a fast metabolism, but Riri seems to be rubbing it in the faces of everyone still trying to work off Christmas cookies when she calls her ability to effortlessly burn calories annoying, ranting, “It’s actually pretty annoying. Now, I don’t have a butt, no boobs – already had no boobs…so annoying!”

Maybe Rihanna’s lament that her slim figure isn’t curvier is proof that no matter what your body looks like you can always find something about it you’d like to change. Between her dad publicly critiquing her weight and the pressure of being seen by millions at concerts and in photos it’s not surprising she finds fault with her appearance. I hope she can learn to be happy with her size and enjoy an extra sundae for those of us with less speedy metabolisms.

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