Bobbi Kristina’s Friends Were Just As Weirded Out As You Were About Her New Bro-Beau

It’s awkward when your friend confesses she has something going on with a less-than-desirable guy, but Cosmo advice columns did not prepare Bobbi Kristina’s friends for the shock of finding out she and brother-figure Nick Gordon are together. Bobbi made her confession as she sat down to eat with a group of friends, proving she and Nick have moved to the next level by sharing a kiss. According to sources, lunch got kind of awkward after that.

I might be in the minority, but while it’s definitely a little jarring to hear someone is dating their “almost adopted brother,” since Bobbi and Kristina aren’t biologically or legally siblings I don’t see anything wrong with their relationship. Sure they grew up together, but if he’d been the boy next door she grew up with people would be calling the pair adorable instead of gross.

It’s not surprising that her friends weren’t ready to offer heart felt congratulations in light of the news; whatever Nick’s technical title was, Bobbi moving him from the role of brother to the role of boyfriend is surprising. But as long as they help each other get through Whitney’s death in healthy ways, I offer them good luck on making it work.

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