Snooki Sinks To New Lows By Ripping Off Deceased Designer Alexander McQueen With Her New Handbags

Snooki handbag ripoff Alexander McQueen skull ringWe’ve got a couple of problems with Snooki‘s new handbag, which is a blatant ripoff of an Alexander McQueen clutch, down to nearly the same baubles on the four-finger clasp.

First off, yes, in addition to her surprise pregnancy, Jersey Shore star Snooki has also birthed this new business venture. So far the other handbags haven’t gotten comparisons to famous designers; MTV Style first made the connection to the McQueen clutch.

I won’t naively think that designers don’t borrow inspiration from what’s out there, but nothing would have stopped Snooki from seeing this four-finger ring and emulating it in her work, maybe with a similarly glitzy jewel accent on a bag. Not taking the same form and the same function, plus the same color.

And adding insult to injury is that Alexander McQueen is dead and can’t give some acerbic putdown to be printed online. Not that he would have bothered with a cheap imitator, but it still says something about Snooki that she decides to copy a deceased designer and not a living one.

Snooki’s version is on sale at her site Snooki Shop (groan) for only $50. I have to laugh since the product description includes this line: The one-of-a-kind silver skull knuckle ring boasts opulence and is an edgy choice for a night on the town. Methinks the lady doth protest too much?

Photo: Fashionista

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