Jennifer Lopez’s Male Stunt Double Is Practicing His Best J.Lo Face

Jennifer Lopez stunt double man lookalike

This photo cements it: The best woman to be Jennifer Lopez‘s stunt double… is a man. At least, for her “Follow the Leader” music video. They’re currently shooting in Mexico—and the editors will have their hands full making sure we can’t tell when it’s J.Lo jumping on trucks and whatnot, and when it’s the nameless guy.

To be fair, he looks a lot like her: Similar bone structure in the face, same skin tone. But you’d think that the producers would be hesitant to use a man when you have Jennifer’s famous booty to consider. A guy with that body type probably has a much skinnier behind. Of course, they did pad his chest, as you can clearly see, so it’s possible they did the same with his ass.

It totally looks like he’s trying to get “into character,” right? We can just imagine him being all “Ohm, The Back-Up Plan… ohm, ‘I’m Real’…”

Here’s another shot, where the stunt double watches just how Jennifer hops into a truck, ostensibly to copy it later. My favorite detail of this photo is how he has his jacket unzipped so you can see his fake cleavage.

Jennifer Lopez stunt double man music video

There are other shots of Jennifer in a slinky dress, but we think that’s where the stunt double’s obligation ends.

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