Here’s Why The Hunger Games Is Just Like College

Katniss might seem like your ultimately awesome protagonist – smart, saavy, and revolutionary. But Katniss is not very different from you and I. She is living the college life only set in a sci-fi future nation where college doesn’t really exist and food is harder to come by.

Katniss is on a tight budget. In the Hunger Games arena, Katniss has few resources that she must ration daily to help her make it by. 12 arrows, a few rabbits, and one bright orange knapsack filled with survival goodies. Similar to us college students on tight spending budgets, Katniss has to learn to allocate her resources efficiently while still keeping herself full and satisfied.

So saying no to that Friday afternoon manicure is similar to saying no to extra bread at dinner with Prim and Mother. Not taking an expensive St. Louis cab downtown to a club is the same as not eating all of the stew for dinner all at once. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for teaching me value in life.

Care packages are greatly appreciated. Even though Katniss has to put on an act for the citizens of Panem to get food packages from Haymitch and other sponsors, any type of delivery is exciting. Whether it’s a plate of baked goods from home or that finals week box of Advil, packages to the mailroom make every college student’s day. Okay, fine, so it might not be burn medicine from a sponsor or life-saving antibiotic for Peeta’s (Josh Hutcherson) leg, but they overall have the same emotional effect. (PS I miss gluten-free home baked cookies for anyone that wants to make my day!)

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