The Best Worst St. Patrick’s Day Movies (And One Actually Good One)

Leprechaun’s Revenge

Warwick Davis is not the titular villain in this Syfy horror film, but it does star the incomparable Billy Zane (Titanic, The Roommate). Like the Leprechaun horror flicks, this one has the evil creature resurfacing in America, in a small town in Massachusetts the night before St. Patrick’s Day. There’s something about a red four-leaf clover (?) and a curse, and Billy Zane’s sheriff is a hapless screw-up who could put the town in even more danger. Looks funny as hell.

Leprechaun’s Revenge airs this Saturday as well, at 9 p.m. EST. However will you choose which one to watch?!

P.S. I Love You

American rom-coms like Leap Year and P.S. I Love You can’t seem to bear setting their action fully in Ireland without some strong American influence to root it. Even though the novel that inspired this movie has all Irish characters, in the movie only Gerard Butler is a foreigner, and his widow Hilary Swank is Irish-American. So of course, once he dies and leaves behind letters helping her to move on, she has to take a huge pilgrimage to Ireland to say goodbye to him.

I swear, these movies either romanticize Ireland to the point of fakery, or they transplant Irish characters to the States and make them evil. However, I’ve finally found one good Irish comedy for the weekend:

Waking Ned Devine

Chances are you haven’t seen this 1998 comedy; there aren’t any hot young stars in it, and it’s set entirely in a small town in Ireland. But it’s hilarious. The plot is pretty simple: Ned Devine wins the lottery and then dies of shock, so when the lottery manager comes to award Mr. Devine with the money, the villagers conspire to pass off someone else as Ned and share the $6 million winnings among them. There’s a classic scene involving an old guy riding naked on a motorcycle that will have you giggling through the dregs of your green beer. Plus, no nasty leprechauns!

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