6 Burning Questions I Have After Watching The Real Housewives of Orange County

3. Why didn’t Gretchen stick up for Alexis?

During the Bunko party, people were talking crap about Alexis getting a nose job and claiming she was full of you-know-what in saying that she has sinus problems. She obviously overhears Tamra, Heather, and her husband talking and speaks up. They all get into it, and Alexis gets super defensive and hurt. They are blatantly talking about her when she’s two feet away. I guess no one knows how to be polite anymore and give people the common courtesy to talk behind their backs. Anyway, Alexis is really hurt that Gretchen didn’t stand up for her when she has done that for Gretchen numerous time. Gretchen gave some lame excuses that weren’t flying with Alexis. I agree with Alexis. That’s your girl. Stick up for your ‘best friend’!

4. Where can I get a ‘brain lift’?

During the argument about Alexis’ nose, the lovely and ever graceful Heather piped up and joked that what Alexis really needed was a ‘brain lift’. She then asked her husband, the plastic surgeon, if he did those. She’s so funny. She’s just so funny. In a totally gross and condescending way. But what I’m wondering now is where can I get a brain lift? I just got done with Winter Term final exams and my brain is mush. Can Heather’s husband hook me up with one of those?

5. Is Vicki a huge hypocrite? 

Of course she is. She has been calling Slade a loser, a bad father, a deadbeat dad, etc. for a few seasons now. She has never liked Slade and used these child support allegations against him for a long time. Lo and behold, a few years later Vicki is dating a man named Brooks who went to jail for not paying his child support. When Gretchen brings this up, Vicki yells that “[her] boyfriend is none of [Gretchen's] business!” Are you kidding me, Vicki? Come on now. How was Slade any of your business?! She then tried to explain why she wasn’t a hypocrite to Tamra who kind of just looked at her with this glazed over look. No one is buying it, Vick.

6. Should all these women be medicated?

Yes, they should. I probably should too after watching this show weekly. Sigh, I miss Peggy.

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