Scandal: Robert Downey Jr. Might Be Giving Up Hollywood’s Secrets Via Blind Items

As someone who’s addicted to blind items in the way that other people are addicted to snorting cocaine or pinning recipes they’ll never make on Pinterest, this could be the most exciting news I’ve ever heard. Jezebel conducted some hardcore journalism research and determined that it’s possible that Robert Downey Jr. is the man leaking Hollywood’s dirtiest secrets all over town, and by town I mean the popular blind item site that’s supposedly run by an anonymous entertainment lawyer.

Before you fall off your seat in shock, let me back up.

Recently someone using the name Himmmm started writing extremely detailed responses to blind items on CDAN (like this one and this one), so detailed that people began to suspect that it might actually be a real live Hollywood insider. Internet sleuths began putting together the clues and came to the conclusion that it just had to be RDJ.

Jezebel says:

Now the general consensus is that Himmmm is Robert Downey Jr., mostly because of things that Himmmm revealed about himmmmself, namely that he was once a mess and nearly destroyed his own Hollywood career but has gotten back on track since getting sober. Additionally, Himmmm will occasionally give a wink to everyone by confirming or denying blind items specifically about RDJ.

All I can say is that the proof is in the pudding. No one’s better at solving cryptic blind items than Internet commenters and it looks like they’ve solved this latest one. However Himmmm makes it clear that he’ll never reveal his true identity.

He recently said:

Anyway, people can speculate all they want. That’s their right. I will never come out and say my name, and I’ll retire this hobby first. Some on CDAN know who I am, and I thank them for their secret-keeping. I am NOT any better or more special than ANY of you (Maja, BigMama, Reno, RocketQ, etc.). I do this for fun, and occasionally to try and right some wrongs (even my own). I don’t use an anon name because it’s false info I share…I have to be anon because it is TRUE!

So in the meantime, all we can do is just know in our hearts that the one and only RDJ likes playing the blind item game just as much as we do — and today, that’s enough for me.

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    • April

      It’s definitely not him. Robert always uses a very large vocabulary, which ‘himmmm’ seems to lack in doing. I’m not saying he’s not as intelligent, just chooses his word to fit gossip rather than how he usually talks. Another point is the fact ‘himmmm’ says he is on an ‘iPhone w/o spellcheck’. Robert owns a blackberry, which is all seems to use, and to grab an iPhone just to gossip seems a bit bizarre, frankly. My main point, however, is the fact he is juggling work, a baby, a wife, another kid and everything in between. Where in all of that, would he have time to write paragraphs and paragraphs of gossip? When he could many other things? It’s not Robert Downey, Jr.

      • fakedout

        It still could be him because he was voiced an iPhone 3G commercial. It wouldn’t be too suprising that they gave him a free one.

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    • Rowana

      It’s not RDJ. The “speech pattern” (most people tend to write — especially Internet posts — like they talk) is all wrong, and the poster above is correct that RDJ uses a Blackberry. Also, the “hints” the anonymous gossip used to “point” to RDJ are way too obvious. That alone should make everyone very suspicious. Also, why would an actor on the level of RDJ want to burn bridges like this? He would not – end of story. He’s a smart guy who would never endanger his career or standing in the Hollywood community like this. Plus, as his publicist said, RDJ is a much better writer than this anonymous dude, who writes like he’s composing a Hollywood pulp novel. It’s probably some old H’wood insider/wannabe novelist who’s having a bit of fun with everyone – but unfortunately an innocent bystander (RDJ) then has to go to the trouble of issuing denials and cleaning up the mess.