Horrible Casting Director Once Called Coco Fat, Made Her Bulimic

Ice isn’t the only one who loves Coco. She’s renowned throughout the land for her cute sense of humor and amazing, seemingly physics defying body. But Mrs. Ice-T wasn’t always so confident! She recently opened up to Sister 2 Sister Magazine about her past struggles with weight and food.

“When I was 18, the J-Lo butt was not in,” the famed glamor model/web personality told Sister 2 Sister. She continued:

To have a booty was not the thing. You were considered fat if you had a booty.  I was being cast in stuff where you’ll see all these really beanpole-looking white girls with blond hair and big boobs. That’s what I wanted to be…I was pulled aside during a photo shoot and a director told me that I needed to lose weight – that I was getting fat.

I’m pretty sure 1997 (when Coco was 18) was actually a pretty good time for J-Lo’s butt, but probably not in the swimsuit/lingerie world in which she was trying to compete. Coco tried everything to fit the mold:

When I heard that I went into full craziness…I went and tried everything from diet pills to cleansing to everything you could possibly do to get rid of your butt. Bulimia – I tried that but I love my food too much.

I’m pretty sure bulimia isn’t something you “try” so much as a serious mental illness it takes much rehab to recover from, but we get the point: Coco flirted with disordered eating in an effort to kill that glorious ass of hers. Her butt has so much personality (sometimes it takes over her twitter account!) that it’s almost like she tried to kill a person.

Thankfully, Coco has since embraced her curves and become the ridiculous, twitpic posting, clubwear designing, beer can balancing web entity we know her as today. Could you imagine her any other way?

She also got a few charming words of encouragement from her rapper husband:

“I told her, ‘You got a little waist and a nice, round butt.’ I said, ‘That’s what’s unique about you. The boobs – anybody can go buy them,’” Ice-T chimed in.


(Via Radar)

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    • PollyM

      Kudos to Coco for coming into her own and realizing she has many gifts and talents beyond the outer/physical appearance. As a recovered bulimic and now recovery mentor I know how the transition from self-loathing to self-love can take time. I hope more powerful women can be a model and symbol of strength for young women today who think that they need to be super thin to be loved.

      With love and light,

    • anakate

      I would never insult Coco if I just met her on the street, however she is indeed too fat to model. Every industry sets standards and she simply does not meet them. Simply saying she is “curvy” does not make her figure appropriate for that industry.
      The bulimia comment was offensive to me. I have been battling anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive eating for over 25 years. You can’t just shut it off because you like food. That is absurd and insensitive.