• Tue, Mar 13 2012

These Two New Clips From Girls Will Remind You About All Your White Girl Problems

The premiere of Girls is a little over a month away and we couldn’t be any more excited to see the commercial-free version of White Girl Problems come to life. It’s like watching the past few years of my life, but on HBO and with people who look more attractive when they cry.

While many people are criticizing the show for offering nothing new to the market, I have to disagree. It’s not just another Friends or Sex and the City because it’s not just about privileged white people hanging out. It’s about pointing out what happens when privileged white people hang out.

Like talking about how adult they are, despite the fact their parents are still paying their phone bills. The line “it’s not adult life if your parents pay for your blackberry” pretty much sums up my early twenties.

In these two new clips, we get another glimpse into the show and we get a little more excited for it to air on April 15th.

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