Ellie Kemper’s Dance Dare Merits A Girl Crush

You know what always livens up a boring day in the office?

A dance dare!

No one knows that better than Ellen DeGeneres and that’s why she dared her guest, Ellie Kemper, to do a dance dare all over the show’s office. Like a true dance dare pro, Ellie stealthily air-grinded on several of Ellen’s employees without any of them noticing.

While most people draw a blank at Ellie Kemper’s name, that won’t be the case for much longer. The actress not only shines on The Office as the quirky receptionist Erin Hannon, but she also starred in her first feature movie, Bridesmaids, this past summer. Not to mention she has a role in the upcoming bromance film, 21 Jump Street.

Ever since I found that Ellie went to Princeton (or even went to college at all) before breaking into the business through the improv scene, I’ve been impressed with her career track. Her writing credits on McSweeneys and Huffington Post don’t hurt either in convincing me that she’s definitely girl crushworthy.

There’s just something about her that seems so authentic, so real and so slightly awkward  that I think she’s the kind of celebrity that I would be friends with in real life (not in blog life). Like Mindy Kaling and Sophia Grace. Just a couple gal pals messing around, making jokes and deciding when we should prank call Meryl Streep.

Not sure if you’re as into her as I am? Just check out her big break in 2007 as Blowjob Girl below and tell me she’s not funny.

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