Video: Deleted Scenes From Real Housewives Of Disney

So last weekend the formally blonde Lindsay Lohan hosted Saturday Night Live in an attempt to revive her dead career and show everyone that she was the same lovable kid who pierced her long lost identical twin sister’s ears at overnight camp. While it wasn’t exactly the comeback she planned, it was definitely a phenomenal PSA for why you shouldn’t donate your youth (and teeth) to drugs.

The only bright spot in the entire episode was the pre-taped sketch, Real Housewives of Disney, which I’m sure Bravo is currently attempting to spin off into a real gripping reality docudrama about the women who dress up as the Disney characters at the theme park.

Saturday Night Live (which really should just be a Youtube series at this point) released the deleted scenes and outtakes from the sketch and they’re just as funny as the actual skit.

Turns out they “forgot” to invite Mulan.

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