Someone Leaks Heather Morris’s Nude Photos, In Related News Nude Celeb Photos Officially Jump the Shark

I guess I missed the memo that said adopting international babies for attention was out and leaking nude photos was in. Or maybe that was the day I stayed home sick from my weekly “Hackerz and Celebz Unite 4 Publicity” meeting. Either way, this whole “whoops a daisy” nude photo leaks is getting cliche.

This weekend’s B-list celeb of choice? Heather Morris, best known for playing the sexually-precocious-bicurious-but-shockingly-and-possibly-disturbingly-naive Brittany S. Pierce on Glee. Supposedly she uploaded the photos to her MobileMe account, which had no privacy settings and therefore could be accessed by anyone.

Including Heather Morris, in case she wanted a little extra attention this week.

According to The Daily Mail

One shot shows Heather, who plays Brittany S. Pierce in the hit US TV show, donning her Slave 4 U outfit from the Britney Spears episode of Glee, while another shows her wearing a black bikini top and miniskirt.

Other shots, however, are slightly more intimate, showing a woman who looks a lot like Heather baring her naked body for the camera.

Just baring her naked her body for the camera, they say. Who does she think she is?

Christina Hendricks?
Olivia Munn?
Lady Gaga?
Blake Lively?
Anthony Weiner?
Vanessa Hudgens?
Scarlett Johansson?

It’s starting to get a little old. At some point, bodies are bodies, boobs are boobs and celebs pretending to have their computers hacked are just celebs pretending to have their computers hacked. With the Internet being a clever cover for people to find porn, nude celeb photos just don’t impress us the way they used to.

Is anyone shocked Heather Morris has nipples? Or a vagina? Everything seems to be in the right place and nothing about her body is shocking. Her webcam post is a little middle school for my taste, but to each his own.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is unless your body is super cool, awesome and/or deformed, we don’t want to see it. Bring on the third nipples, the webbed feet and the bonus gentials.

Otherwise, put a password on your MobileMe account and stop letting your computer get hacked. We’re really not interested anymore.

(Photo: World of Wonder)


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