George Takei’s ‘Happy Dance’ Proves That He’s The Savviest Old Celebrity On The Internet

Go George Takei! The Star Trek legend and LGBT advocate has posted yet another funny video, this one following up on a promise he’d made some time ago. He’s been trying to raise funds for his new musical Allegiance (co-starring Mulan‘s Lea Salonga), and when they reached $158,322, he performed his “Happy Dance.”

It’s made even cuter by the fact that his husband Brad Altman has begrudgingly allowed George to dance around their house to LMFAO‘s “Sexy and I Know It.” That’s right: George Takei is 75 this year, and he had enough know-how to choose a top-of-the-charts hits for what will undoubtedly become a viral video. Whether it’s auditioning for the Spider-Man musical flop or urging anti-LGBT lawmakers to substitute “Takei” for “gay,” he addresses relevant issues with enough self-deprecation so as to get the message out there without antagonizing anyone.

He’s basically cracked the formula for making his videos infinitely shareable: Cute old man + geeky pedigree + aww-worthy marriage + activism + current songs/movies/etc.

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