Trend Alert: Draping Is The New Tebowing Which Was The New Planking Which Was The New Icing

Remember when Tebowing was all the rage? When you couldn’t go anywhere without someone getting down on one knee and just doing it. The fact that this trend came after planking and icing just made me think the world was against the comfort of my knees as well as my complete devotion to never moving unless it’s absolutely necessary.

But now we have a trend after my own heart. Not only because it’s inspired by Don Draper (Jon Hamm swoons all around) from Mad Men, but because it requires very little movement to participate.

The Huffington Post describes draping as the following:

“Don’s pensive pose — reclined, arm casually draped over the back of an armchair, a cigarette dangling from his fingers — has already inspired its own Tumblr page and Twitter hashtag.”

We describe it as an easy way to get in on the latest trend. Need some inspiration on how to drape correctly before Mad Men returns for season 5 on March 25th? Look no further than our gallery below.

For more #Draping, check out the official Tumblr.

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