Bobbi Kristina Calls Out Whitney’s Friends For Only Caring About Her After She Died

During tonight’s very special episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, Bobbi Kristina spoke openly with Oprah about losing her mother, Whitney Houston, and how she’s coping with her death.

While Oprah could have easily exploited the interview for her own gain, she handled the fragile situation appropriately and barely touched on the more controversial aspects of Whitney’s death. Instead they spoke about Whitney Houston’s role as Bobbi Kristina’s mother as well as the legacy she left behind.

Throughout the interview Bobbi Kristina handled herself gracefully and simultaneously presented an image of a mature young woman as well as a vulnerable teenager. In the weeks since Whitney’s death, everyone’s been so focused on Bobbi Kristina’s possible downfall that I think we forgot just how young 19 really is — and just how much the she must be dealing with as the only child of the world famous singer.

In one poignant moment Oprah spoke about being at the memorial service and thinking, “Gosh I wish there was a way we could have all come together and loved her while she was here.” To which Bobbi Kristina responded, “Yeah, exactly. I would have felt a lot better about the situation, just when she’s not around and ‘oh this and that’ and it’s like where were you when she was, where were you when she needed someone?”

Oprah didn’t respond directly to this statement but rather turned it around into another topic of conversation. But I think Bobbi Kristina was trying to say something about all her mother’s friends — celebrity and otherwise. It’s so much easier to show up at the memorial service and think about what could have been done to prevent the tragedy, rather than admit that you weren’t there when Whitney truly needed the help.

On one hand it must be incredibly comforting for Bobbi Kristina to hear the world publicly mourn her mother and praise her immense talents. But on the other hand, she must feel like it’s unfair that she had to deal with her mother’s drug addiction throughout her childhood while these people can waltz in, make a beautiful statement and then waltz back out, once again leaving Bobbi Kristina alone to pick up the pieces of her mother’s actions.

As Bobbi Kristina attempts to move beyond her mother’s death and develop her own identity, I hope that her mother’s friends will support her through her good times as well as her bad. It’s the least they can do after speaking publicly about how much Whitney influenced their lives and careers.

And in the meantime, watch this adorable video of Whitney Houston singing on stage with a young Bobbi Kristina.

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