The Daily WTF: The Internet Thinks Arrested Development‘s Carl Weathers Is Joseph Kony

Carl Weathers Joseph Kony wtf Facebook idiots

By now, this type of story should be its own category of internet commentary: Let’s Laugh (and Then Cry) At These Kids Who Don’t Have Any Common Sense. In the wake of the Kony 2012 backlash, there’s been a rash of social media statuses where young users are mistaking actor Carl Weathers – if you saw the original Predator, you know him — for guerilla leader Joseph Kony. That’s Carl above, and here’s Kony:

Carl Weathers Joseph Kony wtf idiots Facebook Kony 2012

And now, on to the kids who see Carl’s face in their newsfeeds along with the caption Gotta love this guy or whatnot, and assume that all their friends are horrible, racist pigs who want to see children brainwashed and killing each other.

Carl Weathers Joseph Kony 2012 wtf kids stupid Facebook

BuzzFeed has a round-up of what we’re pretty sure is a new meme spreading over various social media platforms. Because it’s pretty suspicious that every post would start off with the same formula, of someone declaring their love for Carl Weathers. (Truthfully, I don’t think there are enough Arrested Development fans!) Then in come the outraged responses of “I can’t believe you’d support him” blah blah blah.

In fact, one of the posts does allege that this is an experiment: Post a photo of any black man along with Kony 2012 info and see if people actually recognize it as Joseph Kony. What’s especially shameful is that you can now search by image. You would think that at least one person would have tried that before playing into such a controversial subject on Facebook!

What’s especially funny is that it automatically tells you which of these kids have watched Arrested Development fans and which haven’t. Because before Carl Weathers played himself as an acting coach con man who tricked Tobias (David Cross) into buying him dinner at Burger King, I wouldn’t have known him from Adam, either.

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