5 Facts About Friends With Kids Writer/Star Jennifer Westfeldt

3. Though she’s written three films, this is her directorial debut. She never intended to go behind the camera like that, but she says that due to the nature of the indie film, she was forced to step up. “We knew the cast we wanted and they were all attached, but they all had pending schedules,” she told IndieWire.

“We had to find the magic three weeks when everyone was going to be available. You’re not gonna get that opportunity more than once, and it came in the dead of winter last year in the worst New York winter in 45 years. And that’s just when everyone could do it.” Bad Teacher director Jake Kasdan was on-hand for when Jennifer had to shoot her own scenes, but for the most part she took the helm.

4. Jennifer created a Twitter account @JenniferWestfel for when she was on 24 in 2010, but she amassed only 132 followers and never actually tweeted from it. It’s just as well; Jon Hamm doesn’t have a Twitter, either.

5. She has compared filmmaking to childbirth: “the way women say they forget the pain the second it’s over. Certain times in the process, you’re like: ‘What was I thinking? I must be crazy.’”

Here’s the red-band trailer:

Photo: Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

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