Adam Scott Manages To Outcharm Jon Hamm In Friends With Kids

Now, to be fair, he did get a lot more screen time than Jon, so he did have that advantage. Plus, Jon’s character was really only fun in the first two scenes and then quickly took a downward spiral into a bitter man who was watching his marriage (to Kristen Wiig) fall apart.

Then again, Adam’s character becomes borderline slappable when he starts dating Megan Fox. (She plays a hot, aloof dancer. Real stretch for Megan.) That said, throughout the film we get to watch Jason evolve from a Don Draper-type playboy to a wonderful and mature father. But that couldn’t have happened without the talent of Adam Scott.

In case, you can’t tell, I’m a big fan. I’ve enjoyed him since his days as Griffin Hawkins on Boy Meets World. It turned into love around his Party Down years and then when he joined Parks and Rec, well, I was totally smitten.

Plus, unlike Jon Hamm, Adam actually came out to talk to the audience after the screening of Friends with Kids, so now I like him even more. He is just as tiny and Peter Pan-like as I had hoped he would be. He is also utterly clever and even more charming than I had imagined. He thanked everyone in the audience for coming and seemed so genuinely flattered that they had actually paid to see him. He doesn’t seem to quite grasp how likeable he is by both men and women.

Then he made everyone laugh when he talked about meeting the film’s executive producer Mike Nichols (Closer) on a hot, sweaty New York day, and looking “borderline homeless.” But the best part was when a guy asked him who he preferred to make out with: Megan Fox or Amy Poehler? He hemmed and hawed saying any answer would get him in trouble and that they were all married, yadda, yadda, yadda…AMY POEHLER. The audience, especially the women, gave him resounding applause.

So, I’m giving Adam the award for most charming in the film, though it should be noted that Bridesmaids‘ Chris O’Dowd is awesome too, in a very slovenly way. That said, there is a scene towards the end that features just Adam and Jon’s characters sitting at a bar. I prefer Adam, but to be polite I’d sit in between them. Adam’s super cute, but I’m not stupid.

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