Amber Portwood Is Shooting Herself In The Foot With Her Utter Laziness

Amber Portwood missed drug test AA meeting probationTeen Mom star Amber Portwood went before a judge today to determine her punishment for failing to take her daily urine test. (Her excuse? “I can’t pee.”) When you’re supposed to be drug-free, providing any sample is almost as big of a no-no as contaminating one. Already I can feel my hackles rising that this girl had one important thing she had to do today, and she refused to.

To add insult to injury, Amber’s court appearance revealed that she broke another rule of her probation: She’s missed at least one AA meeting. Seriously? It’s not as if Amber has anything else to do, since she’s under house arrest and won’t be filming any more Teen Mom for MTV. You give her two simple things to do, and it sounds as if she either doesn’t care enough to remember them or is exerting some lame form of rebellion.

What’s ironic is that what got her into this trouble were active occurrences: Rear-ending a car, getting into a fight with other girls, etc. And now, when she has the opportunity to turn things around with small, manageable steps, she succumbs to passivity.

Worst of all, she got off easy: All she has to do is reread the drug court handbook — maybe there are tips on how to pee — and write a 500-word report on her responsibilities to making her probation progress smoothly. I think the court should have responded to her laziness with a harsher punishment, but maybe that’s just me.

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