Duggar Miscarriage Update: Why Are We Slipping Backwards In Time?

Michelle Duggar Josie sick Israel Duggar miscarriage JubileeIf TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting insists on exploiting Michelle Duggar‘s miscarriage for this season’s ratings, then we’re going to track its dramatic arc from episode to episode.

If TLC hadn’t shot 19 Kids and Counting months ago, I’d think that they were trying to do some sly misdirection to get me to stop bitching about Michelle’s pregnancy and miscarriage with Jubilee Shalom Duggar. Because this is what we’re looking at: In the episode we saw two weeks ago, Michelle was 18 weeks pregnant (the timing of her miscarriage). Then last week, she was 17 weeks along.

In last night’s episode? Michelle could have been only 14 weeks along, since it was shot when little Josie got sick during the family’s trip to Israel and Michelle had to stay back with her daughter. That was around November 25, 2011; Michelle announced her pregnancy on November 8, saying that she had been pregnant for three and a half months.

And unlike the last few weeks, Michelle didn’t have any insights into her new pregnancy to discuss in the confessional. That’s all for the best, since the majority of her attention should have been focused on poor sick Josie, squalling in the pediatrician’s office. Meanwhile, Jim Bob took the rest of the brood, plus Josh and Anna and their kids, to Space Camp. Of course.

I have no idea what TLC is going for here. Why layer on all this heavy foreshadowing and dramatic irony about the Jubilee miscarriage, and then backtrack to a point where she wasn’t even part of the Duggar conversation?

As I raged about this confusion to my boyfriend, he said, “It’s the Duggars do Memento.” More like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! All I can guess is that they wanted to hook you in the first few episodes with the juicy tragedy, then keep you tuning in each week to see if you learn more, when really you’re learning less and less. Damn you, TLC—it worked.

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    • MRS

      Thank you for taking a critical look at the Duggars!

    • Rolando Aquino

      There is not much difference between these breeders and the trash who exploit their kids on TLC’s toddlers and tiaras. I agree that these so-called parents should focus on the sick Josie instead of kissing Rick Santorum’s gluteus maximums and breeding more kids for reality tv.


      To the author- get a life. You have waaayyy too much time on your hands. Go write about something important.

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    • shirley gallant

      Michelle I was trying on ANOTHER SITE TO ReACH o UTO YOU i KNOW EXASCTLY WHAT YOU FEEL I lost one child to a miscarriage another to sids I don’t know how you did id it as i still blame god for this there is a constaqnt ache in my heart aFTER all I have gone through i HAVE 3 GREAT SONS BUT MY HEART ACHES FOR THE ONES I have lost i STILL BLAME GOD FOR IT ALL MAYBE THAQT IS WHY i DON’T HAVE A GOOD LIFE

    • shirley gallant

      Michelle i know exactly what you are going through I had a miscarriage then a live birth then a sids baBY THEN 2 MORE LIVE BIRTHS.. HOW YOU DO IT I don’t know i BLAME GOD FOR MISSING OUT EVEN THOUGH IT HAS BEEN 26 YEARS HOW DO YOU DO IT WOULFD LIKE TO KNOW