Art Crush: Classic Artwork Gets A CATastrophic Makeover

Want to see your AP Art History teacher turn over in her grave? Send her a link to Svetlana Petrova’s art portfolio. The artist/genius who decided that classic artwork needed a little something something to make it more interesting.  And that something something was Zarathustra.

And no, that’s not a cool new club drug. It’s her curvy cat who looks surprisingly good posed within famous artwork. Once she had the brilliant idea to do it, it was shockingly simple to change the art world forever.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, “She took some photographs of Zarathustra, who has a natural tendency to pose, and used a computer to put him in the art.” While she complains that fellow artists aren’t taking her work seriously, we’re here to turn that all around.

This is REAL art and that’s why we’re featuring it on Crushable.

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    • NotThumper

      omg I love the last one! LOL! Could be because I have my own personal fat orange furball, Darwin. ;)

      • Jenni Maier

        Send us a photo of funny photo of Darwin and we can feature it on Crushable! Editor(at)Crushable(dot)com

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    • Candy

      LOL… You’re right Jenni, this is an AMAZING art! I had this funny reaction in my stomach when I saw the pictures… After that, I just went HAHAHA… (oh dear)