Video: Is Julie Kim The Next YouTube Hip Hop Star?

Meet Julie Kim. She’s a teenage girl from Seoul, South Korea who loves food, hoodies, and American hip hop. She records herself rapping cover versions of songs like Drake‘s “The Motto” (feat. Lil Wanye [sic.]) just about perfectly, and is the YouTube-iest YouTube star to come along in some time.

It’s almost creepy how well she gets Drake’s delivery and diction, especially considering she’s not a native English speaker. Other artists she’s tackled include Chris Brown (meh), B.o.B., and Nicki Minaj. She even gets their accents down! But does Julie Kim have creative talent of her own, or is she merely an excellent mimic?

Well, her YouTube page promises that she’s “getting ready to debut with my first singles,” so I guess we’ll find out soon. Maybe these cover songs are her modern hip hop version of Hunter S. Thompson typing out F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway novels to teach his body what great writing felt like. I, for one, am excited to see the results.

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