Dakota Fanning’s Now Is Good Is The Bucket List For Young Folk

As much as we hate seeing cancer in real life, we love seeing it in the movies. Throw in a pretty young starlet with a short haircut and a boy with a British accent and you’ve got the long anticipated remake of The Bucket List told in a way that young people can actually enjoy. Because, let’s be honest. No one wants to see the old curmudgeon Jack Nicholson check things off his list. That’s like giving someone a one-way ticket to Boring Town. First stop: Snoozeville.

Now is Good takes the same concept of imminent death, but throws in a pretty girl who is too young to die. And, here’s the part that will have you reaching for your tissues, she’s not too young to live. (BTW if that line makes it into the final trailers, I want royalties.) Dakota Fanning plays Tessa Scott, the tragic protagonist, and Jeremy Irvine who had an extremely friendly relationship with a horse in War Horse plays her lover, Adam NoLastName.

Men like Adam don’t need last names. They just need to deliver epic lines that remind Tessa how she’s inspired everyone to make the most of their lives and other cliches.

Needless to say this is the movie you’ll go to with your girl friends one rainy Saturday afternoon when you’re in the mood to reflect on life while simultaneously weeping in a dark room.

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