Hawaii Five-0 Star Alex O’Loughlin Going To Rehab For Painkillers, Same As Gerard Butler

Alex O'Loughlin rehab painkillers Gerard ButlerWhat is it about Hollywood and painkillers? Alex O’Loughlin‘s announcement a few days ago that he was seeking treatment was oddly similar to Gerard Butler‘s voluntary check-in to rehab a month or so ago.

Gerard was having problems with pain management after the physical demands of filming 300 had him reliant on painkillers, so he decided to head off a possible addiction. Alex’s reasoning is much the same: After a recent shoulder injury and the subsequent prescription drugs, he needs to wean himself off it.

Alex will be taking a short break from his show Hawaii Five-0, with the full support of the show’s producers and the network heads. As with Gerard, we have to applaud him for trying to nip his problem in the bud, as opposed to letting it get too bad and getting dumped at rehab after an ugly intervention. Other stars like Steven Tyler were not able to combat addiction so early in the process.

At first glance this seems like a pattern, but I think it’s less that Hollywood types are more susceptible to painkiller addiction, and more that what’s a common addiction for regular folks is highlighted when some of those sufferers are also famous. Consider that Eric Dane, Kelly Osbourne, Matthew Perry, and many more people have entered rehab to lessen their dependence on prescription drugs.

Stars… they’re just like us.

For a different rehab narrative, check out our thoughts on Demi Lovato‘s MTV documentary Demi Lovato: Stay Strong.

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    • michele

      I think the problem is that Hollywood does expect actors to do some of their own stunt work and more than they did before and the actors are punishing their bodies because they are not trained athletes or stunt professionals.

      And once an actor is injured during filming you can’t replace them in a middle of a multi-million dollar movie production so they have to continue on receiving therapy and pain killers to get them through a project. They can’t be put on a injury reserve list because there isn’t a second team to take their place.

      I think it is time that Hollywood addresses this issue. I read that Gerard Butler was injured and almost drowned filming his latest film project “Of Men and Mavericks” and this is definitely not acceptable.

    • Denise Wilson

      I think this generation’s doctors are all to quick to prescribe narcotics as long as you agree to monthly follow-ups. I was on morphine for 11 years, and would probably still be on it if I hadn’t started to lower my dosage on my own making me realize the effects it had on every aspect of my life! I applaud Alex and Gerard for taking control of there own health but also recognizing the need to do it in a medically supervised environment. The risks of stopping this type of drug at one time are incredibly dangerous. Do what you need to do, Alex! Us fans will wait for you!

    • kelly wood

      noooooo!!! why you… I love you alex i hope you get better i’m willing to wait till you get better.<333

    • charlene frydberg

      hi my name is charlene and i am a fan of alex oloughlin
      i have read all what they have to say about alex ok he was hurt doing his job if you see the work he does is hard on him so he got hurt and now he is looking for help if people love to talk about him just think about every word that you say why dont people just watch his show alex works very hard this is for alex you get better you need the time to rest and get back to you i now you can all my love to you a true alex fancharlene

    • Lana

      I <3 you Alex baby! Good for you! Get your fine self healthy again soon! You're a smart and strong guy and will get through this.

    • Bethzz

      I read this and can’t believe he would do that! But if it means’ he’ll get better; I’m all for it, see you soon Alex <3

    • Cheri

      I have been a huge fan of Alex’s for a long time. He has been working very hard on Hawaii Five-O & with all of the stunts that he does himself no wonder he got hurt. I wish him a speedy recovery & I cannot wait to see him back to his sexy self.

    • Amelia

      Que pena que se siente malito mi bello Alex,Dios este con el que se sane y que pronto podamos verlo haciendo su trabajo ,que tan bien, lo hace sanete pronto Alex