Video: This Girl’s Ukulele Cover Of Super Bass Is Amazing

If you, like me, are feeling a lit bit groggy this sunny Monday morning, I think I may have just the thing to get you excited about being a human again. A human with eyes and ears who is able to enjoy Nicki Minaj‘s catchy hit “Super Bass” in its many wonderful iterations, that is.

A Youtube user called uuuuuuuukewithme (that’s eight u’s, for those playing along at home) recently uploaded a cover version of the song that’s so good, I don’t even mind that she’s playing the cursed instrument of the manic pixie dream girl. Unlike certain other twee hip hop re-workers, she does not drain the song of flavor, instead letting the uke provide a minimal backdrop for her sweet, R&B inflected voice. Her megawatt smile doesn’t hurt, either. And, like Sophia Grace Brownlee before her, she’s super cute. Why, it’s almost like I’m psyched to be awake now! A few more cups of coffee and I will actually be psyched.

(Via Reddit)

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