Want To See A Cool Video Of Britney Spears Growing Up That Will Make You Feel Creepy?

Obviously you do, you’re human. You can’t help but want to see creepy, cool videos of Britney Spears through the years. It’s not really any different than watching an old clip from The Mickey Mouse Club…after you break into her house and browse through her family photo albums. So yeah, don’t feel weird about this at all!

Just sit back and relax. That baby at the beginning transforms into the ’90s pop star who shared her v-card with the one and only Justin Timberlake (back in his spaghetti head days…seriously, tweens of the ’90s, what were we thinking?!). Then that pop star turned into the woman who would smash an umbrella through your car window for looking at her funny. And then she, the bald singer, transformed into a mother, a caretaker who is constantly seeking her friend Amy.

So it’s a beautiful story, told in photos, set to the creepiest possibly music. Enjoy!

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