Lindsay Lohan’s Plan To Sing Her Opening Monologue Is A Terrible Idea

Tonight Lindsay Lohan is hosting Saturday Night Live, and for better or worse her performance should draw in a lot of curious viewers. Now it’s being reported those viewers will be treated to a special vocal performance instead of a straight opening monologue. With this news we have Lindsay’s first SNL misstep.

If fans remember Lindsay’s career highs they might think of adorable Lindsay in The Parent Trap, all-grown-up and comically capable Lindsay in Mean Girls, or even still red-headed, still recognizable cheeks Lindsay of Herbie: Fully Loaded. When people say they hope Lindsay can get back to her former promising career, they are very rarely talking about her musical career. An opening monologue full of jokes could remind audiences how funny she can be, while a song might bring on “Rumors” flashbacks.

It’s possible the song will be filled with enough funny moments to make it work, but it’s going to take a strong number to distract the audience from the fact that unlike every other host that has a TV show, movie, or album to talk about after saying hello, Lindsay’s last project was a part in 2010′s Machete.

I’m still rooting for Lindsay; getting back on her feet through this hosting gig would be a great come-back story. I just hope there’s enough time for her to rethink the song; there are stronger ways for her to open.

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