Dr. Drew Weighs In On Angelina Jolie’s Weight Debate

Dr. Drew seems to have taken it upon himself to save everyone in the public eye from themselves. He counsels drug-dependent stars on Celebrity Rehab, teens making poor decisions on 16 and Pregnant, and now he wants to talk about malnourishment; specifically the malnourishment he thinks Angelina Jolie is suffering from.

Dr. Drew is far from the first celebrity commentator to mention Angelina’s looking a bit slim; after her Oscar’s leg jutting everyone seems to want to give her a hamburger, but while most might assume it’s the pressure of looking good in a bikini that might have Angelina’s wight dipping a little too low, the doctor has a more creative idea.

Dr. Drew pulled from an Us Weekly piece while talking with the ladies on The View this Friday saying the article had suggesting Angelina’s itty-bitty arms were the result of skipping meals to, “make a statement about the kids in Africa that she was working with that didn’t have a chance to eat.”

If she was making a hunger-strike statement, wouldn’t the first step be to make a PR statement so the public would know they shouldn’t be worriedly shipping food to the Jolie-Pitt residence but instead should be supporting hungry kids in Africa?

While some might say Drew should mind his own business, he feels he has good reason not to clam up over his concern Angelina isn’t eating right, pointing out, “I’m tired of keeping quiet about this stuff. When I was quiet about prescription drug use and then everyone starts dying, now I feel an obligation to speak up.”

That statement isn’t an explicit example of cause and effect, but tying his silence to the celebrity deaths does seem to imply Drew thinks if he spoke up he might have been able to stop some of the recent untimely celebrity deaths tied to prescription drugs like Micheal Jackson’s. That kind of assumption seems full of the same kind of hubris Mark Wahlberg displayed when he implied he could have stopped the 9/11 terrorist attacks if only he was on one of the planes.

There’s a lot of reasons people can drop weight, from intentional dieting and exercise routines to stress. I hope Angelina is healthy for herself and for her kids, but somehow I don’t think strangers talking about her weight on national television will make her anymore inclined to bulk up if she’s determined to stay skinny.

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    • Sally

      Why do people always group skinny and looking good in a bikini together.

      Looking good in a bikini is about choosing the right bikini, and in my experience, usually less skinny should mean less bikini, and by that I do not mean wear bikinis less, but wear less bikini.

      If you need proof visit tinyurl.com/changeroom – granted the skinny model can pull off every style but the full figured models look amazing in the skimpiest styles.

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    • Katy

      Dr. Drew is an old washed man trying to stay significant in Hollywood. He has no talent to earn money. He prey on the stars and their lives. He need to shut up and find a real job. So sick of him using people.

      • fandango

        Dr. Drew reminds me of the doctors you see in nursing homes or teachers in inner city schools. They are there because nobody else wants them. Drew spends his life pimping off other people’s problems, diagnosing people he’s never examined, giving opinions when what he is saying is not accurate all the while invading people’s privacy. Case in point, Angelina Jolie. Woman is very smart adn I think if she needed some help, she has sense enough to go to her own doctor. She has not given Dr. Drew permission to discuss her health on national television. Drew is star struck and uses any excuse to stay in the limelight, using stars and celebrities to patronize his addiction to cameras, celebrities. I am sick of him

    • Pauline L

      I was so relieved to hear Dr Drew say what I and millions have been thinking. A Jolie is not ‘hot’. She’s far too skinny & unhealthy looking with an obvious eating/drug disorder. Her leg was gross. Nobbly-knee’d, pale and not toned. Can you imagine the bag of bones she sees in the mirror every day? Yeuch! Poor Brad Pitt!

    • dave coleman

      “We’ve created more sensitivity around commenting on someone who is overweight, but we haven’t quite gotten there with people who are underweight”.

      Is it OK to promote a healthy attitude for (larger) women by tearing down the self-image of women who are thinner? And as a man I have seen the snarkiest comments coming from women.