Beyoncé’s Biggest Fan Explains Why He Threw Blue Ivy A Fake Baby Shower

[Last week we told you about a random group of white people who threw Blue Ivy a fake baby shower, complete with fake Beyonce and fake Blue Ivy. We has no idea who these people were or why they did it. Luckily we have the Internet to solve these mysteries for us! Drew contacted me to let me know this was his party, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation and he had more photos to share with us. We had a such a wonderful email exchange (which is such a rare thing on the interweb) I just had to post his response.]

At first glance, onlookers would not likely identify me as a Beyoncé fan.

Judging by appearances, many might initially describe me as a hipster – another college-aged white kid whose music selection is limited to Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, and bands that are so indie that no one else has heard of them. The style of my clothing might lead someone to believe that I am a thrift store shopping, organic produce-purchasing fan of white alternative music.

In actuality, while I do appreciate many musical styles, I could not identify a single Bon Iver song or differentiate most artists within the alternative genre.

Knowledge of where I was raised might prompt a different perception. I was born within thirty minutes of over six ski resorts in a state with five national parks that claims to have the “best snow on earth.”

It would be easy to assume that I am an avid outdoorsman with a passion for an array of winter sports.

The truth is, I have never been skiing or snowboarding. My parents do not care for the cold, and neither do I.

It is no wonder that many were puzzled by photographs from a recent party I held in honor of Beyoncé and newborn baby Blue. The comments in response to the article and accompanying photographs clearly demonstrated the numerous ways that the Beyoncé-themed event was perceived.

(Article continues with BONUS photos on the next page!)

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    • asaopdkpajo

      I think the posing with cut outs and posing with a baby is a little over the top but hey..

    • kittencuddler78

      This party looks crazy fun. I can’t believe the work and time you spent organizing this party. The decorations? Looks like it took dedication, you have some serious love for Beyonce. Props Drew, you gotta be the funnest and most creative person in the whole wide world.

    • hawaiianhottie282

      Wow this looks way fun! Beyonce is amazing and this is so great that this baby shower was thrown in honor of her babygurrrrl Blue Ivy! The party looks like it was planned right down to the last final detail. I love all the blown up pictures of Beyonce and the blue theme. Good work!!

    • nastywordsanddeeds97

      SHUT IT! This guy SERIOUSLY has his priorities straight! Beyonce is a GODDESS!!! Those decorations are fantastic! I can’t believe this guy pulled this off. He needs to meet Beyonce!

    • groppolitimp

      I think this is slightly ridiculous.

    • shelby tomaiko

      Hey drew if you read this, I think you are freaking awesome!! I am completely in love with beyonce too and I also live in Utah! I would love to come to these parties and have a good chat with another beyonce super fan! Find me on facebook!

    • cashandjace


    • dishsoapjunkie

      Super Posh! Well Executed!

    • dishsoapjunkie

      I cannot believe how beautiful Beyonce is. Really, perfect face and body.

    • waterboy

      Hey asaopdkpajo: I think “over the top” was the whole idea. Did you even read the article?

    • peanutbutterbudder

      I’ve been to wedding receptions that are not as nice as this was. So great.

    • diedrajracer

      Where did you get the posters of Beyonce?

    • Davin

      I would love to meet this guy and attend one of his events. I am a big Beyonce fan as well and would love to take part in this.. i think it is so awesome.

    • Sierra

      “Baby it’s you, you’re the one I love. You’re the one I need.” I freaking love BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Keisha Marie

      I wonder if Beyonce about this party. She muss be bizy with the new baby and two new albums! Holla! Even more Queen B in 2012!!!!!!!!!!

    • tui

      The guy with the buzzed head looks like a stalker azz creep if you ask me………………. yikes.

    • tui

      somethin aint rite about that kid

    • UtahGirl
    • matan shidlo

      for all beyonce fans (-: i love you and this clip is for all of you!!!!