Insane Rumor Of The Day: Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg At The Oscars Was A Distraction From Her Baby Bump

Angelina Jolie pregnant Oscars right leg baby bumpAlthough the initial reaction to Angelina Jolie‘s skinny form at the Oscars last weekend was for Twitter to demand she eat a cheeseburger, now the pendulum has swung the other way and people are convinced that Angie is pregnant with Baby Number 7. And how did the internet arrive at this Sherlock Holmes-status deduction? Why, because of Angelina’s right leg.

Yep, the sexy bare leg that the actress and mother so brazenly bared on-stage, which launched the brief “leg-bombing” meme and its own Twitter account, was nothing but a distraction from Brad Pitt‘s next inevitably beautiful child growing inside her belly.

AOL’s Hollyscoop is pushing this theory, claiming that Angelina’s dress was black to look slimming, and poufy to hide any bump. With her leg out on the carpet and while presenting Best Adapted Screenplay, she kept the audience looking down instead of at her middle.

Umm. I’m not sure that’s enough evidence for us to hop on the baby train. We prefer the anonymous source who said that Angelina was simply “vamping” and “living in the moment.” Because that also explains her “glow”: The woman who the tabloids alternately celebrate and attack for her sexuality was — gasp! — being goofy like a normal person.

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