Would You Pay $85 To Drink Teresa Giudice’s Wine?

The 5th Annual Wine Expo is this Friday in NYC and Teresa Giudice, of the New Jersey Giudices, will be on hand to sample her new Fabellini cocktail line. Did I hear you ask, what’s a Fabellini? Well naturally it’s champagne and peach puree, the brunch smoothie of champions. The bellini for those who like it chunky!

The not-so-even-tempered Real Housewife of New Jersey concocted the recipe herself and will be on hand at the expo to pour you a glass. Or throw you a table! You just never know what’s going to happen when you’re around Teresa or when Teresa’s around alcohol. God help us all if her brother Joe Gorga shows up with his wife Melissa to show their support. Nothing like a Giudice party to remind you the importance of family…and their ongoing commitment to controlling their anger issues in public.

Fabellnis are just the next big thing in a what’s going to be a long  line of Real Housewives turning their reality show exposure into a spin-off business. Teresa launched two cookbooks with the help of RHONJ and former Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel launched her line of  Skinny Girl cocktails. We’re sure that Lisa Vanderpump’s just days away from announcing her new line of Bridearas — tiaras that mothers can wear at their daugther’s wedding.

The only catch of getting to meeting entrepreneur Teresa is the $85 price tag to get into the expo. While I love the idea of a wine expo, I just can’t get behind the cost. I mean, if Milania was there, count me in. I would pay $100 to hang out with her. Maybe even $1000. She’s like the drunk version of me, but she’s shorter and sober.

But until she RSVPs, I can’t commit.

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