Wiz Khalifa Goes To First Base With His Mom

There’s no better way to show your mom how much you care than by kissing her on the lips and tweeting out a photo. Or is there? That’s the mother-son relationship issue I’d like to explore  today in one-time column I’ll call “In love or In cest: a look at Twitter kisses and what they say about you.”

Rapper Wiz Khalifa tweeted the photo late last night from the studio with the caption, “I love my mommy.” So it’s like a virtual Mother’s Day card a few months early. Or the beginning of a Law and Order: SVU episode. It’s just so hard to known with celebrities. Their family boundaries and rules are just so different that us normal folk.

For example, my mom would never wear a fedora. Wiz Khalfia’s mom would, and does. Does the fedora having anything to do with the open affection? I’m not sure. Memories from a freshman year sociology class make me say maybe.

So what do you guys think: yay or nay to kissing your mom on the mouth?

Update: In other breaking Wiz Khalifa news, he also proposed to Amber Rose yesterday and she said yes! Then they tweeted out the news. Big day for Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter.

(Source: Theybf)

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    • isha4lyfe

      Clearly if you zoom in you can see her mouth is turned to the side so they are not even kissing on the lips…you guys just want to have something to talk about. Get a life

    • Diggity

      I’m sorry, but I would NEVER be seen doing something like this. Even if it is a kiss on the cheek, it does not appear that way. Obvoiusly they love eachother, and have a good mother-son relationship, but if it was not said, I would believe they were lovers. I am a Wiz fan though

    • That one dude

      A kiss on the cheek is that bad? Did mommy not love you and support you enough? Well from the looks of Wiz Khalifa’s career making more money than you are worth and your job writing stupid meaningless articles putting down positive and talented individuals who are open about the people they love, i think you should reconsider how stupid you look writing this and focus on yourself.Focus on how you can influence others in a positive way instead of bad mouthing a 24 year old who had the loving support of his mother which he claims helped get him where he is.