One Tree Hill Makes Up For Its Lame ‘Is Nathan Dead?’ Plot With Excellent Clay And Chase Twists

This whole season, Chase has seemed fairly aimless: He’s managing the bar at Tric, having a weird bromance with Chris Keller (even when he sleeps with Chris’ bitchy girlfriend Tara), and only last week did we learn that he had to go back into the Air Force. Furthermore, his relationship with kid Chuck wasn’t a plot on anyone’s mind, until last night when he decided to jeopardize his position and beat up Chuck’s abusive father.

Not only that, but in the episode’s second-most-dramatic scene, he grabs his tire iron and just whales on Chuck’s dad (in silhouette, of course). This is after he looked up the consequences for violence, which include him getting court-marshaled. I have to say, it’s an excellent move for Chase at the end of the series; he’s always been so passive, not to mention dragged between multiple women in dumb love triangles, and now we see him standing up for someone he genuinely cares about.

Chase Adams beats up Chuck's dad One Tree Hill 9x08 "A Rush of Blood to the Head"

Speaking of kids, what the fuck with Clay, right? Talk about some major payoff that’s been a few years coming. Ironically, here’s an effective example of that Grey’s Anatomy plotting I was talking about before: A few episodes ago when Clay entered rehab, he met cute little kid Logan. Safe to say most fans assumed Logan was Clay’s younger self, some figment of his imagination as he worked through his recent zombie-amnesia state.

But in last night’s episode his therapist starts hounding him about his wife Sara‘s death, pushing him to remember every detail after she dropped to the floor. Because apparently he went into his first zombie-fugue state then, and can’t remember anything from that day. So he forces himself to go back through his memory, and he walks into… his son’s bedroom? With a crib and photos and the name LOGAN spelled out on the wall?!

Clay Logan One Tree Hill 9x08 "A Rush of Blood to the Head"

That’s right—little Logan is actually Clay’s son! His therapist and Sara’s family have been trying to stage some sort of intervention for the past five years, but every time he blocks it out. Wow. That’s like The Notebook and Memento wrapped up in Inception. This revelation came out of left field, but it had been seeded deeply enough — through the Sara plotline of season 7 and the red herring of Clay’s drug problem a few episodes — that it was totally realistic.

Haley crying One Tree Hill 9x08 "A Rush of Blood to the Head" .gifAnd then, even upon finding out, Clay just leaves. No matter that Logan is running back to him asking when they can play with his plane again (I got choked up), Clay needs to distance himself. I really hope he won’t forget again!

So Chase is going to jail, Clay is a father, and Haley gave us this kind of hilarious .gif to the right. Bottom line, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Stephen Colletti, and Robert Buckley killed it last night. And I have to say congratulations to One Tree Hill for remembering that a heart-stopping twist doesn’t just have to be character death. (Although we’re waiting on that with bated breath.)

Clay photo: all you need is 1 tree hill / .gif: lovablesinss

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