Rachel Bilson Speaks Out Against Slutty Dresses, Is Hypocrite

Rachel Bilson gets her slutshame on in the latest issue of Lucky Magazine, in which she repeats tired maxims about revealing clothing and slutty, slutty sluts. This is especially funny considering Rachel Bilson has worn quite a few things which would probably not pass her own test.

The actual quote is this:

I guess I’m not too crazy about slutty dresses…[some other boring stuff]…You try something on, and if you feel like a slut, you probably look like one.

This is worthy of censure for two reasons. First, Bilson has a lot of young female fans, and to broadcast the message that being a “slut” is something shameful and wrong is to continue to give that word pernicious power over us. Girls and women should not be judged for their decisions whether or not to have sex, wear sexy clothes, etc., because those things are irrelevant to a person’s brains and character. She could have left it as “it’s not for me,” and that would have been fine, but she didn’t. (To be fair, the interviewer seems to have baited her into it, but unless she was misquoted, she’s the one who said it.)

There, there are these:

It would be bad enough if she were simply wrong, but she’s also a big, fat hypocrite. But maybe we can slutshame-shame her into seeing how problematic this type of language is.

(Via Lucky)

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    • Bixch

      Now now Rachel, I remember seeing you splayed out on a fur rug in panties that would make your miss piggy pjs blush.


    • Adam

      To be fair, those pics were taken ages ago when the OC started. You’d be hard pressed to find her wearing that now.

    • Dee

      I don’t like how she slut shamed. That’s awful. It’s probably the first thing she has said that I have found truly offensive. I wouldn’t call her a hypocrite, though. Those outfits were worn in photoshoots and I don’t think she’d ever have worn them as everyday attire. Still a stupid comment she made.

    • http://twitter.com/EyesLikeIngrid ….

      um, while she is a hypocrite (although Adam is correct so that matters less) so is 100% right. you’re just mad someone called you out for either being a slut or condoning it- and what’s worse, she probably makes a better looking slut.

    • dimitri

      Umm no, if you dress slutty or make stupid decisions like the article says and expect no accountability then wonder why you can’t get respect well then you deserve to be 2nd andhave a career at blogging.
      You can look real good and beautiful and feminent with respect.