Klassy Kim Kardashian Makes Fun Of Demi Moore’s Whip-It Seizures

(You have no idea how many years I’ve waited to write a headline that involved a C-word spelled incorrectly, Kim Kardashian, and whip-it seizures. So, wow, mission accomplished, I can go back to being an accountant now.)

Turns out Kim Kardashian harbors a mean grudge, especially when it comes to Twitter wars with Demi Moore. According to Janet Charlton:

Two years ago Demi Moore took exception to a tweet of Kim Kardashian’s and it started a mini-twitter war. Kim nonchalantly tweeted that she was “out pimpin’ with my friends” and Demi criticized her immature choice of words –pointing out that “a pimp is a slave owner” and the pimp culture should not be glorified. Kim was irritated, but let it slide at the time. But she didn’t forget. At Elton John’s party Kim was heard making fun of the fact that Demi was caught doing drugs with much younger friends -“she called ME immature!” Kim laughingly requested a song “dedicated to Demi” – the song was Devo’s“Whip It!

While I only have a vague recollection of this Twitter war, Kim apparently has a much sharper memory. But I guess I would too if Demi Moore embarrassed me in front of the entire Twitter world. As we all know, since this Twitter war, Kim’s done nothing to embarrass herself — so if anything were to ever happen to her career, it would be entirely Demi’s fault. Would an immature person get married for 72 whole days? I don’t think so.

So naturally Kim’s been smiling for the cameras for years, while secretly plotting the day she could exact revenge on the heinous bitch who dared to point out the sociological implications of using the word pimp.  And there’s no better way to ensure you get the last laugh than to mock a woman who is in rehab. That will teach her!

Or she’ll never hear about it and Kim will have to reenact the entire scene all over again. Dratches! All that planning, possibly for nothing.

(Source: Janet Charlton)


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    • Sherri

      Kim Kardashian is a spoiled, immature child. I really hope one day she loses EVERYTHING she hasn’t even worked for and has to live life like a “regular” person. Kim is a nasty, vicious, self-centered, ugly excuse for a human being and I really hope her world falls apart around her. People suffer every day while Kim Kardashian can spend million on a 72 day marriage and make fun of others going through hard times.

      Life is a bitch, Kim. Yours is coming, you terrible sack of shit.

    • J

      I blame Ryan Seacrest and the fanboys for keeping this no-talent Botox bimbo employed. Yeah, she gets what is coming to her when everything falls off or she catch something from her 30th boyfriend.

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