Katy Perry’s Interview Cover Looks Nothing Like Her, Is Surprisingly Tasteful

Katy Perry looks nothing like her usual self on the cover of the March 2012 issue of Interview, which is to say, she looks surprisingly tasteful and stylish.

Of course, “tasteful” is a relative term for Katy, who sports cat’s eye makeup, teased up hair, and a sparkly bustier. But something about the way they styled her makes her look like some kind of cool, retro starlet, and not in the “candy raver as Bettie Page” way she usually does. Some people are saying she looks like Megan Fox, but I don’t see it. What I do see is the stylistic influence of Amy Winehouse (of whom Perry was a fan), and more than a dash of Elizabeth Taylor. Good job, Katy. More like this, please.

(Via HuffPo)

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    • Jenni Maier

      This actually looks NOTHING like to the point where I’m questioning if it’s really her.

    • Shannon

      I think she look exactly like Amy Whinehouse like when I seen the picture thats who I thought it was til I read the name Katy Perry under it. Then I was like no effing way! I think she looks great right here lol .