K-Fed Wants Sean Preston And Jayden To Work At McDonalds Like Normal Kids

Is that K-Fed‘s parent of the year award I see or is that just his most recent paternity test? It can be so hard to tell them apart some days. Either way he’s gearing up to eat some Big Macs in 2022 because his offspring with Britney Spears, Sean Preston and Jayden James, will be working at Mickey D’s. In an interview with Australia’s Herald Sun, he speaks about his plan to raise himself up some real normal kids.

He says:

“I’ll have them working at Micky D’s…That’s how we had to do it! I worked at a car wash, I worked at a pizza place. Things like that made me…I can be in this business now and I’m still the same person I am back then, because I know what I want out of life and how to treat people.”

While I don’t know if we want another Kevin “things like that made me” Federline running loose in the back-up dancer world, he does have the right idea. In fact, in Hollywood it’s almost a novel idea. Making your children get minimum wage jobs so they learn the value of hard work, money and teamwork. Nothing like working in fast food for a summer to impart important lessons about patience, endurance and hairnets.

Rather than having jobs handed to them right out of school or being given the option of choosing modeling over college, it’s refreshing that some Hollywood parents out there actually want to raise their children with morals. Also surprising that it’s Kevin Federline. The man who used to take his son for a walk wearing nothing but a white beater. A few years ago no one would have ever guessed that his kids had a fighting chance of being normal and now I’m happy to say that I think they will.

Just goes to show, you just never where your celebrity parenting tips of the day will come from.

(Photo: I’m Not A Toy)

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