Everyone On Twitter Thinks Angelina Jolie Needs To Eat A Cheeseburger

Despite Uggie’s best efforts, it was Angelina Jolie’s right leg who stole the show during the 84th Academy Awards. However it wasn’t only her right leg that was getting attention. Her slim figure also raised a few questions in the Twittersphere, leading many to speculate on whether she was anorexic or if she discovered the one camera angle where it looks like you lost 90% of your BMI.

For years everyone’s tried to figured out Angie’s weight loss secret and guesses range from an eating disorder to a drug addiction to the extreme stress that comes from holding the weight of the world on her shoulders. While we still don’t know how Angie’s so skinny (or why she let Brad Pitt out of the house with that hair), we do know the cure. A CHEESEBURGER!

That’s right. The best fix for Angie’s Madonna arms is to eat a cheeseburger.  Seriously, the freelance nutritionists who lurk on Twitter and offer unsolicited (but credible) diet advice truly believe that’s the cure.  If one person tweeted “eat a cheeseburger,” I would be suspect, but when you have this many people giving the EXACT same advice you gotta believe there’s something there.

Who needs health insurance when everyone on Twitter is a doctor, right?

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    • Sheryl

      Angelia Jolie has gone from one of the most beautiful women to a near skeleton. Is her health failing? The leg business was overdone… but more importantly…. why is she so thin? She looks unhealthy

    • Lynn

      At least Madonna’s arms go with her body and frame because she is tiny. But Angelina’s looked like they were someone else’s she borrowed for the night. If she needs to fatten them up, I can donate some of my arm fat…I can spare some and it would be a win-win!

    • Michele

      Hyperbole much??? everyone on twitter does not think she needs a cheeseburger. But I LOVE how she dominates the conversation,

      • Hank

        Hyperbole? Don’t think so. Are you blind, those arms alone are scare crow material. Gelt real.

    • Joe

      I like Angelina, however………………………….She’s gotten in unattractively thin. Anyone who says otherwise is just deluding tHemselves or blinded by fandom.

    • Nikki

      her leg’s Twitter account has almost 12k followers now – Angie’s got legs, but does she know how to use ‘em? http://grapefriend.com/2012/02/27/oscars-2012-angelina-jolie-right-leg-twitter-jim-rash-mock/

    • Cathy

      Holy Moly, she needs more than a cheeseburger, her elbow bones are sticking out, she is starving, and I bet her body weight versus height would tell us she really is considered to be starving to death. sad stuff.

    • ldean

      I loved the way she did the hand-on-the-hip-put-your-right-foot-out hokey pokey stance. If she had had a bubble over her head it would have read, “I’m a slut and I don’t care what you think.”

    • Amy

      Right. Because the best way to get help for an anorexic is to tell them to “go eat a cheeseburger.” Why didn’t their doctor think of that?

    • NANCY


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    • Fred

      Why is it ok to tell a thin person to “eat a cheese burger” but if you were to tell an overweight person they really shouldn’t eat that all freakin’ hell would break lose? I am no particular fan of Jolie, but her weight is her business, she could just be predisposed to having a higher metabolism than many others. Considering more of the population of the US is overweight than not, I think people should really take a good look in the mirror before judging what others should or should not eat!

    • Linda

      ….and we should tell a fat celebrity to lay off a cheeseburger…..and might as well tell out lazy bums to get off our chair step out of the door and enjoy a long walk just enjoying nature. Hey, it beats being over criticizing celebrities too much and acting like we’re their keeper and should follow whatever we want them to do.

    • Salma

      Wow! We (posters here) must be God’s perfect work that’s why we are over critical of God’s rejects —-skinny, fat, ugly, slutty (oh, that’s Rush Limbaugh’s fave word lately of women who wants equal rights when it comes to medical coverage…he’s pro Viagra only) ……OR, do we have a delusion that we are better than them (celebrities) , therefore, has every right to look down and point out to these humans their imperfection/s????

    • STFU

      Those people are disgusting. Yes, Angelina looks quite skinny, but that’s disrespectful. It’d be a different story if they said ” I wish she would weigh more, she looks too skinny” but people nowadays are rude and ugly I guess, I have to accept that -.-