Tumblr’s Oscars Viewers Either Hate Billy Crystal Or Don’t Know Who He Is

Billy Crystal Oscars 2012You just can’t win with the 18-24 demographic. Even though the Oscars and host Billy Crystal have been bending over backwards to keep these kids’ attention, we’re about two-thirds through the show and young audiences are bitching about Crystal over their favorite social medium, Tumblr.

I searched Crystal on Tumblr, trying to find the video of his opening monologue, but all I found was hate. (It says a lot that multiple people have uploaded the Justin Bieber bit and not the whole video.) People have written things like Billy Crystal is officially the Britta of the night and Has anyone thought to make sure Billy Crystal isn’t having a stroke? Ouch, harsh. They alternate between tearing down his jokes and — not surprisingly — demanding to know who he is.

Yep, today’s youth has apparently never seen When Harry Met Sally – not to mention The Princess Bride – or the Oscars before 2005. C’mon guys—Billy is the Oscars host. He’s the guy that many of us grew up with, the always-game comedian who recreated each year’s best movies and kept the three-hour-long show running at a steady pace. His bits are classics because of his genuine relationships with Hollywood elite and his utter versatility: He can land jokes as leading man, character actor, and butt of the joke because he’s been all of these.

For Christ’s sake, he stepped in to host after Eddie Murphy shot himself in the foot! And yet, Zap2It posted this embarrassing screenshot of the current conversation on Twitter:

"who is Billy Crystal?" Twitter Oscars 2012

I will never understand how so many people can tweet shit like this and not pull up their beloved Wikipedia to find out. When Harry Met Sally is required viewing for everyone. And before you go talking to me about demographics and adapting to the times, consider that last year James Franco and Anne Hathaway tanked horribly.

Before going onstage tonight, Billy tweetedenjoy the show, will tweet after. Thanks for your good thoughts. Billy. I hope for his sake that by the time he logs on, these annoying tweets asking who he is will have disappeared.

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    • Cecilia

      I am 20 years old and I know very well who Billy Crystal is. As a matter of fact, I always rather liked him.
      But this year, I thought he wasn’t a funny host at all. I found him irritating and obnoxious.
      Ellen Degeneres would have been a much better and funnier host.

    • Torsten Adair

      “C’mon guys—Billy is the Oscars host. ”

      No… Bob Hope is THE Oscars host. (19 times)
      Followed by Johnny Carson. (Yes, Billy Crystal hosted more, but Carson did a better job.)

      True, Billy Crystal has not been on the screen much this millennium, and aside from the Oscars, what else has he done recently?

      Future hosts I’d like to see:
      Tina Fey
      Ellen Degeneres
      Chris Rock (very unlikely)
      Neil Patrick Harris

      Also, I’d like to see the actual show start at 7 PM ET/ 4 PM PT. Let it run four hours, if it moves quickly. (Any leftover time can be filled with post-game interviews.) Run the red carpet as a pre-game show.

    • Dave

      Billy Who?