Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood’s Home Detention Doesn’t Sound As Exciting As Disturbia

It looks like Amber Portwood’s time spent under home detention isn’t going to be much more fun than jail. Amber is currently bunking with her grandparents, and she isn’t allowed to venture out of their home unless she gets special permission. Unfortunately for her day-trip authorization won’t be extended to mall excursions or trips to the gym, they’ll only be granted for decidedly less fun outings like AA meetings and meeting with her lawyer.

She also is under obvious restrictions like staying clean and sober, but not only does she have to stay clear of more conventional forms or getting alcohol in her system like shots and Four Loko, she also has to steer clear of alcohol based mouth wash, medicine, and booze infused food.

Hopefully these rules and restrictions will help her get her life on track for herself and for her daughter Leah. It must be a lot easier to focus on getting your life organized when there’s nothing else for you to do.

All she can hope for now if she wants her time spent cooped up in the house to be more interesting is for a sexy neighbor to befriend her and eventually help her expose a local murderer. That, or maybe take up knitting. That could be fun too.

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